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Toy Life

ToyLife on Vacation »

Just to let you know that we are on vacation from Feb 9th – March 20th 2013.
All Toylife orders will be shipped after the 20th March 2013.

Fresh Paper! »

We now have limited stock available of our favourite Art Books.  Publications featuring Dalek, Sat.One, San, & Herbert Baglione among many others can be found in the Books section of the ToyLife online shop.

Sabochan in Spring »

abochan, one of Tokidoki’s Cactus friends, has been spotted in amongst the springtime candyfloss.
Sabochan in Spring is a new photographic print available in the ToyLife shop.

MARS-1 Landing »

MARS-1 figures have touched down into ToyLife, alongside figures from Friends With You & UAMOU.
Stock is limited so get browsing here : online shop

Happy New Year! »

ToyLife wishes all our customers a Happy 2010 :)
This photo features the Sentry Robot by Parquerama.
Photo © muju 2010

The Toys Are Back! »


We have just finished exploring the ToyLife vaults & have a big update of stock in the SHOP section for your browsing pleasure.Many rare or sold out items can be found, the stock we have is very limited so be quick if you spot some vinyl to add to your collection.
Happy Shopping :)

Photo : Red Tribe © muju 2009 All Rights Reserved

Secret Life Of Toys Wallpaper »

To celebrate the launch of our new website  you can download our first ever ToyLife
desktop wallpaper to bring some ToyLife magic to your screen.
Photo © muju features the Crystal Heart Uamou & Boo figures by Ayako Takagi.

Download sizes:

Tokyo Dreams »

ToyLife have been hanging out in the crazy streets of Shibuya ,Tokyo with our new vinyl friends.
This awesome figure is the  ‘Super Jeppel’ by Kaijin, produced by Wonderwall Inc. Japan.


The magical UAMOU at the banks of Lake Pukaki in New Zealand.
photo © muju 2009

Deep into the Forest »


ToyLife has ventured far into the wild places of New Zealand to
capture this photo of the rare Rolito bird.

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